Rescue A Wreck is a restoration show filmed by Iron Shadow for Classic Car owners.

Dennis Frahm aka Mister Shadow is your friendly panelbeater, boilermaker and automotive refinisher with over 30 years experience who has created the series especially for those amongst you who want to repair that old car yourself, or if you own a vehicle and want to know some trade secrets that will help and surprise you.

Passion for cars and endurance 'Must' combine with 'know how', if you want to restore a Classic Car. 

If you currently own a classic or hope to repair or restore one then the

'Rescue A Wreck' series is your key to achievement.

The genuine restoration series is here to keep you on track and motivated!

A complimentary Q & A motivational group also accompanies the show.

Episode List

  1. Found

  2. Was only an ambulance

  3. Rust

  4. The pull-apart

  5. Out comes the thumpa

  6. Bits and pieces

  7. Sandblast prep

  8. Blasted

  9. What now

  10. The right one

  11. One piece at a time

  12. A panel-beaters toolbox

  13. Missing fairies

  14. Back to basics

  15. Meccano Set

  16. Welding tip

  17. Rusting again

  18. Big boys and their toys

  19. Work together

20. Better late then never

21. Piece by piece

22. Sill going

23. Left to our devices

24. Cupids ironic touch

25. Easy does it

26. Not up to scratch

1976 XB Ford Panelvan

Questions are invited and welcomed, just email

 Iron Shadow shop and shed news is available from Iron Shadow’s Facebook Page,

and intro to episode clips (are still coming)  on You Tube

 Iron Shadow is currently in Queensland, Australia, and is for the discerning car enthusiast.

This Vehicle is a 1976 XB Panelvan, 302 V8 or 4.9ltr, with a 4 speed single rail gearbox. She was originally ordered with apparent specific alterations, and bought through raised funds, (raffles etc,) for the Gayndah District in Queensland.

She was a perfect candidate for the first rescue by Iron Shadow and instigated a dream to come alive that Dennis Frahm aka Mr Shadow had.

She was a life saver .. an Ambulance!

Given another 1-2 years or thereabouts and she would not have been worth saving at all!

Her rust issues were huge and she was quite literally saved just in the nick of time...

..and so there was certainly Not a more deserving vehicle than this to begin

Iron Shadow’s ‘Rescue a Wreck’ series! 

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We welcome topics you want covered and questions and all are addressed in future episodes.

'Rescue A Wreck'  Car Repairs & Restoration Made Easy

A genuine car restoration series to keep you on track and motivated and save those old cars!

As you the hobbyist or restorer are probably aware, knowing where to start and getting good advice is difficult, if not impossible

in the classic car world. Cars have different problems and problem areas, climates are different, skill levels are different also.

All too often many of you will spend time and money and not achieve the anticipated results or longevity that you were aiming for.

Or worse yet, give up in disgust and frustration, not understanding the most efficient and best way to repair that particular vehicle.

Each vehicle has it's own problems, and for anyone to go at it completely alone without advice or reason, or correct procedures for certain areas, is often a disaster. A minefield that walked alone can be unfair on future owners and yourself.

'Rescue A Wreck is a real time trade look, at classic car repair, restoration and refinishing. Designed to keep the long process interesting with information kept fun and coming thick and fast

A complimentary online Q & A group also accompanies the show.

Potential restorerers, owners and enthusiast recognise they will need help, to keep a classic project moving forward toward that final outcome. Old repair methods or incompatible new ones not designed for older vehicles combined with poor practices or the overuse and incorrect use of fillers and various products, have spelt the end of the line for many old cars. Budgets are unable to keep up with the damage, poor repairs and subsequent trail of destruction left in their wake. Some in the industry alongside many hobbyists still practice wrong or illegal repairs and combined with the vehicle's age, is a double whammy for the mass loss of these historic machines. 

Sometimes reality and expectations are wrongly anticipated. The many restoration shows around are often glitzed up for the camera and covering the space of an hour. The shows are quite simply untrue with unrealistic car restoration. Delivering simply impossible messages, on what to measure or achieve with Classic Car repairs or restoration.

Mr Shadow, is experienced and knowledgeable, and able to give you the facts and expertise on how to go about repairs and why. As a presenter, he is steady and fun and allows questions and answers that anyone can readily understand. He is the go between for the car and you. Giving yourself and your old car understanding and assistance. 

No question is too small, and remember pride does not restore cars, passion does.


You too can assist with keeping the old historic machines around for next generations to enjoy, a truly satisfying task, but don't go it alone, instead allow Iron Shadow to extend a helping hand. Why recreate the wheel? Iron Shadow will motivate and inform you on authentic repairs, using forgotten or often unknown except by the right trade, knowledge, tips and tricks. 

You really can succeed and gain a dream car of your very own. Mr Shadow has award winning know how and the ability to nurture your own X factor - Passion! If you truly want to own a classic car worth the numbers and pride people only dream of then do yourself the honour with owning and using this series, it is for you and will save you thousands and grey or lost hair! Finally A Classic car restoration series where you can actually believe and see the real deal.

Own a vehicle that you and others will be proud of. Know what to ask your own panel shop and see where your money, time and efforts will be best spent. Produce or own a vehicle that will be around for your grandkids, a car that will stand the ultimate test of time.