Iron Shadow’s founder Dennis Frahm, affectionately known as Mister Shadow, (because he has you and your car’s back), has finally put a long term Dream into action to bring you Iron Shadow’s ‘Rescue a Wreck’. Rescue a wreck means exactly that.

The rescuing of what is considered an unrestorable vehicle... by most people’s standards.

The time, knowledge and skill, alongside the money that is required, can often spell the end or give the ‘kiss of death’ to many current and future Classic Cars and Iron Shadow has decided to start helping some of those cars and you.

Time together with skill are required.

But it’s that special X factor known as Passion that truly motivates the Iron Shadow team into doing this.


Viewers are treated to monthly bite size videos containing informative and fun antics, as the Iron Shadow team show you

exactly what is involved with the Classic Car Restoration process. 

The videos are also designed for anyone to watch, learn and laugh, not just for car lovers.

Questions are invited and welcomed, at anytime just email and episode announcements are released as available on Iron Shadow’s Facebook Page, and on You Tube. The idea of filming how these precious and often historic vehicles are saved properly, alongside properly educating absolutely anyone, in as ‘fun a fashion’ as possible is what it’s all about. If you do require advice or even some personal tips and training, please contact Iron Shadow.

This Vehicle is a 1976 XB Panelvan, 302 V8 or 4.9ltr, with a 4 speed single rail gearbox. She was originally ordered with apparent specific alterations, and bought through raised funds, (raffles etc,) for the Gayndah District in Queensland.

She was a perfect candidate for the first rescue by Iron Shadow and instigated the dream Dennis had, to come alive.

She too was a life saver .. an Ambulance!

Given another 1-2 years or thereabouts and she would not have been worth saving at all! Her rust issues were huge and she was quite literally saved just in the nick of time... and so there was certainly Not a more deserving vehicle than this to start

Iron Shadow’s ‘Rescue a Wreck’ !

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Episode List

  1. Found

  2. Was only an ambulance

  3. Rust

  4. The pull-apart

  5. Out comes the thumpa

  6. Bits and pieces

  7. Sandblast prep

  8. Blasted

  9. What now

  10. The right one

  11. One piece at a time

  12. A panel-beaters toolbox

  13. Missing fairies

  14. Back to basics

  15. Meccano Set

  16. Welding tip

  17. Rusting again

  18. Big boys and their toys

  19. Work together

20. Better late then never

21. Piece by piece

22. Sill going

23. Left to our devices

24. Cupids ironic touch

25. Easy does it

26. Not up to scratch

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