Rescue A Wreck - Series Subscription


Learn what your car and you really want! Be the Hero amongst your mates and family with this Classic Car Restoration Series. Save yourself thousands and the heartache of not knowing or being able to fix your own car. Know what really goes on in the genuine sheds of restorers everywhere.

Filled with Aussie belly laughs, practical and expert tips that even long time restorers will love, Rescue A Wreck is now at your side. With a passionate team to guide you through the grey world of the metal machine to the end street machine this loved series is brought to you by the Iron Shadow restoration team on the frontline of repairing and refinishing Classic Car car bodies the right way! Experienced advice and tips fly thick and fast, easy for buyers to owners, to understand and follow. From the ground up you will get accurate knowledge on what it is really like owning and keeping a Classic Car and Street Machine. Aussie Made and Owned the Rescue A Wreck Series by Iron Shadow is real and its value should not be underestimated by the serious enthusiast. Learn what you don't know with this Genuine Information for any level of experience and talent. Impress Your mates with accurate Restoration information and Classic Car Ownership, now made easy with Iron Shadow! 

  • Do You Believe in Super Heros?

    Do You have what it takes to spend years creating a dream? Do you just want to watch one created? Join Iron Shadow as they go the whole distance with you and restore a Classic Car in the beloved Rescue A Wreck Series.


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