Passion and experience guide this company that caters to a wide variety of items and people.

Iron Shadow designs, creates, fabricates and repairs steel, aluminium and various other metals

through to plastics and fibreglass.

An assortment of quality finishes alongside sound advice is assured to You with Iron Shadow.

Iron Shadow is foremost a Classic Car Repair Shop, to view repairs and restorations visit our

Classic Car Restoration & Repairs page.

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Custom Panel & Paint

Show quality finishes and custom paint coatings. Attention to detail and the utmost care is taken with every individual vehicle, producing a stunning showroom finish every time.

Endless possibilities exist with flaring, bonnet scoops, and custom panel fabrication suiting all vehicle owners and enthusiasts.


Welding, fabricating and polished finishes can also be done here at Iron Shadow. Aluminium is rust resistant and lightweight and often used on boats, ute trays, tool boxes, engine parts and vehicle components. As well as many fwd accessories. Its appealing finish also lends itself to paint and powder coating.

Stainless Steel

With it's resistance to rust, is a perfect material for marine and outdoor environments. Useful for boats, vehicles, work spaces, bench tops and an array of other items, as well as custom accessories on vehicles and caravans.


Shaped, machines and treated suits many needs. Easy to repair, strong and cost effective it can be both beautiful and functional. Old fashioned scroll work to chassis rails on vehicles and trailers are done from steel. It can also be painted with varying finishes, powder coated or galvanised.


Working with fiberglass is apart of every panel beaters trade, so Iron Shadow can meet the needs to repair and work it. Fibreglass is a material consisting of matted fine glass fibers bonded with a synthetic resin, used for car bodies, guards, molds and boat hulls etc. 

Plastic Welding and Repairs

Front and rear bumper bars, side skirts and flares on vehicles cost a lot to replace. Iron Shadow offers quality repair work and it is often a wiser approach environmentally, rather then replacing the whole part.

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