Every vehicle that comes through Iron Shadow goes on it's own unique and inspiring Journey. Restoring Classic Cars for discerning owners, rest assured you have come to a safe and experienced restorer with respect to proper and required repairs.
Led by an experienced, 30+years, and fully qualified, panelbeater, boilermaker, automotive painter and refinisher, Iron Shadow's founder Dennis Frahm can address all aspects of panel to structural and chassis issues of the Classic Car, through to striking painted finishes. His standards win awards and he passionately provides authentic and quality repairs.
Upon inspection his experience will quickly dispel your fears, or allow you to see and know your worries and concerns and provide information and assistance on what to watch for, where to begin and what to address first. 
Rust, hail, smash, structural, age, panel, paint and integrity are all handled with ease and grace on any vehicle, for it to be in safe and good working order, for you the client, the public and anticipated future owners. The guarantee of longevity achieved for your car, as structurally sound with the addition of show capability, is the ordinary approach taken by Iron Shadow. It is a simple code of ethics for any repair or full body restoration carried out within the Iron Shadow walls. 
Classic Cars enter Iron Shadow's care after their travelling lives, of often well over 40+ years, has left them in a state of quiet and often desperate need.  To continue on their travels with their current custodians, their body and structure must be made capable to handle the task. Iron Shadow provides all necessary requirements for any classic car and her keeper to travel that anticipated 50 year road ahead and on into those history books for future generations.
Vehicles will often leave the Iron Shadow workshop in a more satisfactory and asthetically pleasing condition, then when they left their original factories destined for mass car dealerships and the public life.
You the owner are provided the privilege and comfort of knowing your vehicle will be restored, repaired and resurrected properly. Iron Shadow clients also benefit from the invitation to check in, discuss and understand the process and progress of repairs or full restoration jobs, and when you leave the workshop our guarantee and care extends beyond the exit, guiding you and assisting you both, as she settles back into her long forgotten, new outfit.
Photos are taken of various jobs or on request with full restoration clients receiving a complementary USB with the complete journey of their vehicles whilst here at Iron Shadow. Every single vehicle is cared for as a member of the Iron Shadow family.
Understand many are quite simply unaware of the often overwhelming restoration process and can fatefully flounder if they do not understand or appreciate what is involved. Iron Shadow understands this and welcomes interest from owners, priding itself on sharing the journey and offering the education on behalf of preserving these mobile pieces history for future generations.
Visit our Facebook page and follow what's happening there, see albums of cars and their journey with us, or join the safe learning space of the Iron Shadow group Rescue A Wreck - Classic Car Restoration Experience where questions are asked and answered by Iron Shadow and other experienced hobbyists and restorers from all around the world, all in the name of protecting the hobby and helping other custodians keep these moving relics feasible and safe for Australian and World Roads and Families. 
You can take a look at some of the cars that have been on a Journey of their own with us below.