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An easy to read tips and tricks magazine brought to you by Iron Shadow, this pint sized magazine is just what those on the front line of metal and body work needed you to see and that you called and asked for!

What the public has previously been left to find out the hard way is revealed in this easy to follow and understand booklets. Focused on exactly what is involved with the main part of your car.. the body!

Full of tips, tricks and know how, that you never quite thought of before, this magazine brings the trade skills knowledge to the fore and is exactly what you don’t know and can’t know unless you are in the classic car restoration industry.

The metal trades have been screaming out for understanding as more and more classic cars are lost to ignorance and butchery and the trade skills are fast being lost and dangerously overlooked.

Featuring a buy, swap and sell section where all vehicles are physically assessed by the experienced classic car restorer Dennis Frahm of Iron Shadow,  buyers and sellers can finally relax knowing the car is the focus and not the dollar signs.

Vehicles are only listed after being assessed in terms of project feasibility, budgets, locations and skills of potential buyers. Sellers remain anonymous and safe from thieves, time wasters and unrealistic price haggling or expectations.

Cars are only be listed if prices and information are fair according to what is required to fix them or use their parts unremoved ie; not at wrecking (removed) or already restored prices. This keeps disappointments to a minimum and serves to

ensure vehicles will in fact be saved if possible or that sections are available also.

We are proud to bring you this magazine and welcome feedback.

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