Dennis and Alison run a local business by the name of Iron Shadow in Gracemere providing service to the Central Queensland region and beyond.

The two started out in the beginning of 2014 on a mission of sharing their passion with the world.

Dennis' journey started right from the day he could walk, helping his father work on the old classics. A 1971 XY ute being his first car, A desire grew for restoring the old vehicles beyond their original beauty. He sees into every car as they each have their own story to tell. Anything else he then gets his hands on that's made of metal is transformed above the normal reality of what would be expected, creating a uniqueness to the quality of his work.

When Alison picked up her first pencil and paintbrush that was all she needed. Colouring the world around her as paper and canvas quickly became boring she took to splashing her art across everything from water tanks, anything with a motor even bathtubs, walls and tables. Wanting more she extended her artistic flare through to the signage world. She puts such a passion into all her work, that has you wanting and looking for more each time. 

Together Dennis and Alison's combined efforts and love for what they do puts a value into their work

that's difficult to find elsewhere.

"We pride ourselves on giving our customers top value and service, this isn't just a job to us.. its our passion." Dennis.

Written by Minion 

Australian  Family  Owned  Business

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