Iron Shadow Classic Car Restoration

Refinishing, Smash & Rust Repairs,

Quality Care of Your Classic


Quality Classic Vehicle Restoration & Repairs.

Rust, Hail, Accident and Smash Repairs on Panels to Chassis and Structural components.

Straightening, strengthening, repairs and refinishing,

All are completed to show quality, award winning and legal standards.

Experienced, knowledgeable advice you can trust, and genuine assistance is provided.

Iron Shadow is home to complete and authentic, Quality Classic Car Repair Work, and work is Guaranteed.


*Bonus - An experienced Mural Artist is available for Airbrushing.


Passion and Experience guide this company that caters to the discerning Individual & Machine.

Proudly protecting the worldwide hobby of Classic Car Restoration, Iron Shadow provides experience.

The in-house Restoration Series 'Rescue A Wreck', is also an enjoyable 'Classic Car How To..' series. 

 Iron Shadow is based in Gracemere, Queensland, Australia.

A Qualified Signwriter and a Signage and Printing department can also be found in the Iron Shadow Shed.


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We are the home of..

Rescue a Wreck

She was a perfect candidate for the first rescue by Iron Shadow and instigated the dream Dennis had had, to come alive.


She was a life saver ..

an Ambulance!

Her rust issues were huge and she was quite literally saved just in the nick of time... and there was certainly not a more deserving vehicle than this to start Iron Shadow’s ‘Rescue a Wreck’ filmed series!

To keep up with her progress and watch more episodes email email

Liking the music in the episodes? Check out our playlist on Spotify!

Sound and trusted advice for anyone that has dreamed of restoring or owning a classic car.

Classic Car | Rescuing | Restoration | Recycling & Re-homing

This book is designed to spread the word and connect dots for people, alongside give advice.

It is a car sale magazine offering cars for sale that have all been personally assessed by Dennis himself,

so there is no hidden nasties in relation to the panel restoration.

All enquiries are through Dennis, and owners and buyers can remain anonymous.

A place you can ask and search for parts that you may be looking for, and also find that particular project vehicle you've always wanted.